Anne-Marie Jouenne-Isabet

Anne-Marie Jouenne-Isabet

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Anne-Marie Jouenne-Isabet

Native of Normandy, I grew up listening to World War II stories from my parents and relatives. I studied history at University of Caen. I am guiding since 1983 and I was lucky to meet veterans (Canadian, British, American and German).

It has always been a wonderful experience and a way to learn from their personal stories.
Here are a selection of my most popular tours: Full day with Highlights of D Day : American sector or British and Canadian sector.

Tours on the footsteps of a 59th British Division Staffordshire or North Nova Scotia Highlanders (Canadians), the 29th infantry division (U.S) to understand the progression of troops after D Day
and how difficult was the battle of Normandy !

I do Private tour with my car. I also guide school groups.


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